Thursday, 14 August 2014

The 1996 Klondike Highway UFO Sighting

In 1996 while driving along Klondike Highway in the Yukon Territory, Canada, two cousins travelling from Whitehorse to Carmacks in separate vehicles came to an abrupt stop about a ¼ of a mile apart. Both men witnessed a set of lights that were a part of the same craft hovering over Fox Lake which was a lake that ran parallel to the road that they were travelling along.  One of the men stepped out of his vehicle while the other remained in his car.  The craft then moved across the lake slowly towards the man that had exited his vehicle and hovered over the man while his cousin watched in awe from his vehicle.  The craft then shot off and disappeared. 

                At the southern tip of the Lake another two witnesses also saw the strangely lit craft over the lake.  They tried to figure out what it was at different points believing that it could be a truck or some type of low flying aeroplane.  They soon came to the conclusion that it was travelling too slowly to be either.  When they passed the two cousins who were still on the road, they pulled over and all four of them briefly discussed what they had just seen and then the second set of witnesses continued on 20 miles down the road to Braeburn Lodge. 

                At the Lodge another visitor had also witnessed the craft and stated that the lights on the craft were lighting up a smooth metallic surface on the craft.  When he looked at the object a few moments later he could see a group of rectangular lights disappearing behind a hill.  He attempted to catch up and get a better view but didn’t see the object again.  A sixth witness who saw the lights stated that her cars performance was affected by the strange lights when she drove closer to the craft.  These six witnesses were just the first of many to see the strange lights.

                Further north from Fox Lake in the village of Pelly Crossing a witness saw a row of lights move over some hills in front of him.  The craft was so large that he had to turn his head in order to see it from end to end.  A further four witnesses taking a break from an evening course at a local college also saw the lights move slowly and disappear behind a hill.  At the south of Pelly Crossing, two more witnesses saw the large craft moving slowly across the sky.  One of them noticed the big dipper constellation and stated that the craft was of equal size.

                As the craft headed towards the village of Carmacks four men in a pick-up truck just south of Carmacks saw the craft head towards a microwave tower south of the village.  A family of five also saw the craft above a tree line and watched as all of the lights blinked out as if it was passing some type of invisible veil.

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